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Noemi Mena Montes

Noemi is a Spanish journalist with a PhD in Political Communication, working now as lecturer at Erasmus University (Rotterdam).

She is an expert on migration with experience as researcher and policy advisor for a EU foundation during the refugee crisis.

She lived in the Middle East where was working on a research project. From the beginning of the refugee crisis she had published some stories from Jordan (2013) in Lebanon (2014) in different media in Spain and other countries. 

In 2011, she got a Spanish National Award for best research on Migration Studies (Premio Santo Padre Rubio) and a prize by Latina Communication Journal for an article about framing migration and public opinion. 

Her main research interest includes media coverage of migration-refugees, the conflicts in the Middle East, intercultural communication, identity and religion. 

Noemi Mena is the co-founder of Re-starter (www.re-starter.org), a Foundation that promotes the integration of refugees in the Netherlands and other European countries. With Re-starter and other organizations she had being teaching seminars on intercultural communication skills for locals and refugees. She likes to work on projects that build up connections between people from different cultural backgrounds and promote storytelling. Now she is working together with Amanda Alencar in building up:  "Speak of Migration" a platform for networking where different actors and voices around the topic of migration can participate and exchange knowledge and connections.